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The Gyuto Monks of Tibet ‘Chants’ showcases magical harmonic overtone chanting with the finest Tibetan musicians, taking the listener to another world of tranquility, peace and calm. Produced by Youth (producer for The Verve, U2 and Dido) the release is an ambient and inspirational fusion of the unique ancient deep harmonic chant with a modern mix of sounds, music and thoroughly current technological software.

Recorded in Gyuto Monastery in Dharamsala, India, using an amazing surround-sound ‘Head’ microphone, the listener feels completely contained within and transported to the temple itself as the 200 -300 monks go about their daily chanting rituals.

The collaboration between the traditional chanting style and Youth is in keeping with the spirit of the Gyuto Monks. In 1973 they sold out a concert at the Royal Albert Hall and subsequently toured the US including Carnegie Hall courtesy of Harrison Ford and Richard Gere. They have performed in a series of concerts with The Grateful Dead, Phillip Glass, Kitaro and the Beastie Boys.

They are zealous about sharing their 600 year old Tibetan culture through the music of today to help spread awareness of their plight, while encouraging tolerance and acceptance of difference among the global community.

Track Listing

1. Legend of the Yogi

2. Bodihicitta

3. Taya Ta

4. Another World

5. Yidam

6. Lugar

7. Tara Drolma

8. Compassion Beat

9. Renewal

10. Invocation to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas

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